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ClickMeter | The Best Webtool

If you have an online business or blog and are not already familiar with ClickMeter, then you should be. ClickMeter is the best webtool on the market for collating, collaborating and monitoring online customers. It’s also an invaluable tool for sharing, analysing and redirecting customer actions too. ClickMeter is the perfect webtool to better understanding your audience, which in turn will improve your business.

From a single tweet, like or share, to an email, affiliate link or banner advert. This unique webtool allows you to track every move your customers make online. You can check real time reports and status, along with information such as traffic, unique clicks or referring URL. you can also shorten vanity links and customise them to your domain name. With quick and easy sales conversation tracking, you’re able to keep track of conversion pixels, cookies and post back URL’s. Add to this the fact that it takes only 5 minutes to set up, plus there are no special codes to write or include. You don’t even need a manual.

Click Meter offers an affordable webtool for any online business to use. All the best affiliate gurus use this tool to improve their online marketing system. It’s the most professional webtool on the market and is super easy to use.

Finally you can monitor, compare and optimise all your online marketing campaigns in one place. You can instantly see what is and isn’t working. Then, with this invaluable information you are better placed to focus your business in the right direction. Thanks to this awesome webtool you can stop wasting time and money on areas of your business which are not beneficial to anyone. Instead, you can optimise the monetization and dominate your niche market. Introduce ClickMeter into your business and you’ll be one step ahead of the game.


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