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If your business targets a local audience, you know the importance of improving your businesses visibility in the local search results. That’s what our Local SEO Services are all about.

Traditionally, local SEO means helping your business to rank for search terms that incorporate local terms. For example, you may have found this website by searching for ‘SEO London’.

Savvy marketers recognise that today, local SEO also means improving your rankings for search terms that don’t include the location but which are served to a user based on their settings and preferences. This means searchers no longer have to type in their location in order to see results which are relevant to where they are. And that businesses trying to reach a local audience can’t solely rely on high rankings for search queries which include locations.

Local SEO is all about communicating to Google the local relevance of your web pages and website in general. This means utilising the various tools and techniques at our disposal to develop your local presence and show Google that yours is the best business to send local people to when they require your products/services.

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