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The Local SEO Basic Service allow for businesses to establish local online visibility with 5 targeted keywords and 2 additional citations created per month.


Local SEO Basic Service

The Local SEO Basic Service allows businesses to establish local online visibility with 5 targeted keywords and 2 additional citations created per month.

  • Recommended Campaign Length: 6 Months.
  • Keywords Targeted: Up to 5 Keywords.
  • Keyword Group: Maximum of 1.
  • Monthly Search Volume: Up to 1,000.

Key Features

  • Your own dashboard to track your campaign rankings. View keyword rankings, website traffic reporting, Google SERPs report, and other data.
  • Extensive pre-campaign site audit and keyword research, grouping, and mapping.
  • Extensive on-page optimisation (up to 5 pages) which includes web copy writing, tag and header optimisations, URL rewrites, and meta data optimization among others.
  • Rich snippet recommendations including breadcrumbs.
  • Local schema implementation including local business schemas (phone, address, postal code, telephone, maps, opening hours, etc), SameAs, Geo + HasMap, logo, among others.
  • Initial local business setup among the top local business categories and data aggregators plus month-on-month rich media citation building to increase business information consistency.
  • Full reports: Site Assessment Report, On-Page Report, Monthly Executive Summary Report.

Account Research & Prep

  • Website Audit.
  • Pages Optimised (5 pages).
  • Keyword Research.
  • Keyword Grouping.
  • Keyword Mapping.

Local Business Setup

  • Google My Business Creation.
  • Yelp Listing Creation.
  • Bing Local Creation.
  • Yellow Pages Creation.
  • 5 Additional Business Listing.

On-Page Optimisation

  • SEO Road Map.
  • Blog Creation.
  • Webpage Copywriting (3 pages, 350 words per page).
  • Title Tag Optimisation (5 titles).
  • Meta Description Optimisation (5 meta description).
  • Meta Keyword Optimisation (5 meta keywords).
  • Domain Redirect Optimisation.
  • .xml Sitemap Optimisation.
  • Robots.txt Check.
  • URL Rewrites (5 URL rewrites).
  • Broken Link Report.
  • Google Analytics Check & Installation.
  • Google Search Console Check & Installation.

Rich Snippet Recommendations

  • Breadcrumbs.

Local Schema Implementation

  • Local Business Information Schema (Phone, Address, Business Name, Opening Hours).
  • Map Schema.
  • Product Information Schemas.
  • Images and Logo schemas.

Initial Off-Page SEO

  • Magazine/News Placement (1 article).

Monthly (Starting Month 2)

We provide guaranteed blog outreach and magazine placement through our partner magazine sites and blog networks. Each article placement and outreach is ensured to be contextually related to your business and website to provide the most ranking boost.

We also build month-on-month additional local citations to increase business information consistency and local search relevancy.

  • Off-Page SEO, Citation Building & Rank Building.
  • Blog Post Outreach (1 article).
  • Magazine/News Placement (1 article).
  • 2 Additional Local Citations.

*Price stated is per month.

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